How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5380

  • Perform factory reset – hold down power button and hold button simultaneously until the reset menu appears
  • Optional: connect phone to Kies to see check Android firmware version
  • Install Superuser app by Chainfire
  • Install Galaxy Ace unlock
  • Visit, download, and copy onto SD card
  • Reset phone and apply update from SD card, then reboot phone
  • Run Galaxy Ace unlock app, take note of codes
  • reboot phone and try one of the unlock codes

Cauliflower rice

Some resources on making cauliflower rice:

How To Make Cauliflower Rice


Cauliflower has per 100g:

25 calories

5g carbohydrates

2g Dietary fiber

80% Vit C RDA

Edit: Someone else likes caulifower –

…and a good paleo/lo-carb all round resource –